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2017 India

It was an AMAZING trip to India this year! My old military buddy Russell Klika @rklika

and I spent a little over a month on planes, trains and automobiles this past November.

We landed in Kolkata, India and spent a few days playing in the city. Next we headed to Arunachal Pradesh where we ventured into the Himalayas to visit and work with the monks at the Tawang Monastery in Tawang, India. Next we were off to Ziro Valley where we worked with the beautiful Apatani women who are distinct with the coming-of-age ritual of nose plugging and facial tattooing. Lastly before heading back to Kolkata, we went to Nagaland where we worked with the Headhunters, who have their face tattooed if they have taken a head or two.

The purpose of this trip was to document cultures that in a few years will be gone forever. The projects will be released soon. In the mean time, here are some faces and places from our travels in between our destinations.


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