For the past 21 years, photojournalist and military photographer Jeremy Lock directed his lens towards the elements of the world that many of us will never have the opportunity or even the desire to see firsthand. His images are beautiful, heartbreaking, provocative and devastating – sometimes all in the same frame. Retired from the U.S. Air Force and now based in Dallas, Texas, Jeremy is available for assignments worldwide. He enthusiastically provides storytelling images to a variety of clients including, editorial, commercial, reportage, action, and non-profit.

Donald Trump Rally In Dallas

Donald Trump Rally In Dallas

I had a lot of fun in the 96-degree heat today while covering the presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald Trump’s visit to Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas. I chose to listen and hang outside, documenting the protestors and supporters. As a photojournalist, I try to leave my opinions and beliefs at home and document the truth that unfolds in front of my camera. However after I left this rally, I felt sad and a little bit angry with BOTH sides. I was sad at the real hate that I saw towards fellow Americans and angry at the hypocritical gestures and shouting of words at one another that contradicted the signs they were holding. On a positive note, this is why America is so great and this is why so many people want to live in our country!  Being an American means we are allowed to express ourselves in a public forum like this without any repercussions.   

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