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Feeling the love

Jeremy Lock sees the beauty in everything.

I am super excited and proud to share this month’s March 2024 Professional Photographer (PPA) magazine! I was just recently interviewed on my continued work and passions after being retired from the military now for 10 years. I was first interviewed by PPA for a short write up upon my retirement from the military, so playing catch up after 10 years was fun.


I hope you will take the time to read the article written by Eric Minton who is a brilliant writer and editor in Washington, D.C.


Eric took the time to get to know me! He really listened, transcribing my passions, purpose, and thoughts perfectly from multiple conversations. I am officially "over" the interviews where the writer/publication sends questions to you, and you are asked to send back your answers. I haven’t done them in years, and nor will I do them again. Why should I do their work for them for their benefit to fill space?


Eric cared, truly capturing the essence of who I am, and I am very appreciative of our common interest in our fellow human beings. This is by far my favorite interview I have ever done!


Also, a big thank you goes to Jane Gaboury, Director, Publications for Professional Photographer magazine. Jane, thanks for checking back in with me all these years later and thanks for your handwritten notes with the hard copy magazines you sent. I know you just retired, and I am wishing you nothing but the best, and lots of fun with family and friends in your retirement!


Lastly, below is the hard copy magazine layout with a couple of fun sidebars.


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