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Finally, Some Time To Play

It has been an incredibly busy year for me and I am blessed for that given the year we ALL had before! However, it really hasn't given me any down time to relax or even play since May.

This last Saturday I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Army vs. Air Force Commanders Classic game at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. What made it even more special was shooting with my Combat Camera buddy Scott Reed. He procured the passes. One field access pass and one media access. We were not on the hook to produce for anyone.

I thought what if? So I decided, lets just sit up in the stands with a 200-500 mm lens, a beer in hand, and shoot the whole game at 1/2 sec (1st half) or 1 sec (2nd half). And here are the results from it. Now I am not saying these are great, but to me they are fun and will hopefully inspire me and maybe even you that we need to take the time to stop what we are doing, take some down time for ourselves, smile, imagine what if and go out and play!

Army Black Knights win 21-14 in overtime over the Air Force Falcons on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, at Globe Life Field in Arlington during the 2021 Lockheed Martin Commanders’ Classic, presented by USAA.

The Army Black Knights football team takes the field.

The Air Force Falcons football team takes the field.

1st Quarter 9:33, 0-0

1st Quarter 5:23, 0-0

1st Quarter 2:12, 2nd & 7, Ball on 12, 0-0

2nd Quarter 12:19, 3rd & 8, Ball on 21, 0-0

3rd Quarter 7:35, 2nd & 9, Ball on 21, 7-0 Army

4th Quarter 13:18, 1st & 10, Ball on 40, 14-3 Army

Air Force fans

4th Quarter :24, 4th & 12, Ball on 13, 14-11 Army. Air Force to kick field goal to tie it up.

14-14 OT/1, 2nd & 8 Ball on the 23

Army storms the field after in OT win.

21-14 OT/1, 4th & 6 Ball on the 7


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