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Last Letters Podcast Hits Global Rank Of Top 1.5%

I am so excited to see a dream of mine working and coming true a little over a year and a half and 60 interviews released. Here I am supposed to be this great retired military photographer that pushes a button on my camera to capture great storytelling moments. But, I can honestly tell you that this podcast, this audio has been my greatest storytelling to date and raises the hair on my arms with excitement as I get the honor of sitting down with a new guest to interview them and then capture their portraits after.

We found out today that Last Letters podcast is now Ranked Globally in the Top 1.5% most popular shows out of 2,869,466 podcast ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

I do recognize this hasn't come easy and its numerous hours of work and dedication to bring this podcast to life with no funding and as a two man team between my friend and producer Scott Rettberg and I. (Much more work to do!)

More importantly I do recognize that this isn't my podcast, it is the amazing individuals that I get to interviews podcast. It is their story to share and share without judgement and bias from me. It is their story that I will listen to and hopefully pick up some advice on how to better navigate through my own life. It's their Last Letter to us all, it's a part of their legacy.

Thank you to all our listeners who show love and believe in our guests and what we are doing!

And if you are new to Last Letters, welcome, here is what we are all about: (available wherever you can listen to podcasts)

If tomorrow was your final day on earth, what would you say and who would you say it too?

Last Letters began in a small office in Dallas, Texas, where a small circle of friends—including retired 7x time military photographer of the year: Jeremy Lock, and television producer: Scott Rettberg — would spend evenings swapping stories of world travels & unexpected adventurous tales. There was a common regard for the stories of individuals who when experiencing the same adventure, walk away with differing experiences and knowledge.

We are finally beginning a new podcast adventure sharing these amazing tales with a wide array of experiences culminating in a “Last Letter” to the world— and maybe a final piece of advice.

Last Letters are true stories which: Celebrate personal storytelling. Illuminate both the diversity and commonality of human experiences. Includes people globally from all walks of life: military, astronauts, students, homeless, yo-yo champions, mechanics, exonerated prisoners, headhunters, cab drivers, veterans, Nobel laureates and everyone in between.

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