The Social Movement TV Show

Proud to be representing team Operation BBQ Refief  for a new Reality/Docu-series ‘The Social Movement’ 

If you were asked to Change the World... how would you do it? What issue would you start with? Who would you want by your side? What Legacy would you want to leave? 

Shot in Montreal, Canada over four days this past summer, comprised of 4 teams of influencers, business leaders, investors, visionaries, producers, public figures, celebrity business moguls from across the globe solving real global issues.

Here are some teaser images I shot in between working on our world solution.

COMING AT YOU IN 2020!!!!!!!

Team leader David Marks ready to kick butt on the competition!

First look and sizing up the competitors!!!! We got this!!! Proud to be representing team @opbbqrelief.

@michaelxcampionwriting down our teams progress as we try to work through our solutions to a world issue.

The one time you have been locked in a room racking your brains trying to solve a global issue with amazing people and you just need to break out and have some fun time!!! Let’s you know you are still a fun bunch of humans trying to do good in this beautiful world of ours!