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Beautifully Broken

This past weekend, my wife and I attended The Warren Center’s gala, The Art Of Music. Singer-songwriter Ron Bultongez and I were excited to be this years Headlining Visual Artist for the event.  Ron wrote and sang an original piece for the gala and I created a few pieces of art to be auctioned off. The artwork raised over $10K for the charity!

However, my highlight of working with The Warren Center was donating my time to dive into and document some of the beautiful families they serve and show a glimpse of their lives. I took Ron’s music titled, Center Of It All and created a video project with my imagery titled, Beautifully Broken.

I think we are ALL broken in some way or another in our lives, but what I witnessed while documenting and learning about these families was a beauty in these children not held down by their disabilities. And just like that the title was born!

A value was instilled in me by my mentors throughout my military service. Give back as freely as it was given to you! Now that I am retired from the military, I choose and look forward to giving back to a military charity and a local civilian charity every year.

I hope you enjoy and share the video!

The Warren Center is a nonprofit agency that advocates, serves and empowers the children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities.  The Warren Center was created in 1968. Over the years, they have given parents access to the resources their children needed, and more importantly, hope and support. To learn more:

Ron Bultongez is living the American Dream. From growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo to being named the “Hometown Hero” of Plano, TX and becoming a Top 24 Finalist on American Idol 2018. Ron’s dreams have taken him far. His journey, depth, and spirit are evident in his smooth yet raspy vocals and his bluesy, soulful songwriting. Check him out at:


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