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BBQ Relief: Uniting "My America"!

On assignment with Mercury One documenting Operation BBQ Relief during Hurricane Laura:

This last week as I was working in Lake Charles, Louisiana for the aftermath of Laura, I witnessed the power of a hot meal bringing smiles to faces who have lost everything. I saw hearts warmed and tears flowing as those being served questioned why anyone would care to help them. The biggest thing I witnessed and was reminded of in spite of all the division and turmoil that is happening all around me is that this is MY AMERICA!!! This is how I truly see our amazing nation…a place of loving human beings and organizations coming together for the better of mankind, instead of the divided country our media portrays us to be.

Hurricane Laura came ashore on the border of Texas and Louisiana as a Category 4 storm early Thursday, August 27, 2020, ripping apart buildings and severing power lines. Over 800,000 customers were without power and at least four deaths have been reported in Louisiana.

Hurricane Laura sustained winds of 150 mph, Laura's eye made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana, at about 1 a.m. CDT before plowing a path of destruction north toward Arkansas, where the weakened storm was predicted to then curve east through Kentucky and Tennessee by Friday evening.

Operation BBQ Relief quickly came to the aid of the communities and first responders affected by Hurricane Laura's destruction by providing hot meals in their time of need.

Big thanks to Bennie J. Davis III for the edits!


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