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Cincinnati Reds Home Opener: The Findley Market Parade

You know spring has officially begun in Ohio when downtown Cincinnati turns Red. Fans from all over come to celebrate not only the opening day game but also to be a part of the historic Findley Market Parade. This parade is grass roots Cincinnati and just as important to these fans as the game itself. In Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the sport’s first professional team, the annual Findlay Market Parade marks an official “city holiday” with young and old alike taking the day off to cheer on the Reds. 2015 marked the parades 96th year. Fans were there in the Queen City to show support in their own unique way for the only MLB team that opens at home every year!

This was my second year working for Johnny Bench Enterprises covering the Reds Home Opener. I love the spirit and the kindness of the Cincinnati people! Now, I might be a little bias having grown up an hour away in Dayton, Ohio. I still remember my parents taking us kids to a few games, sitting in the outfield hoping to catch that home run ball with our gloves! The Cincinnati Reds beat the Pittsburg Pirates 5-2.


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