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Kolkata 24

I just returned back home from a truly epic 37-day trip to the northeastern part of India with a fellow retired Army photographer friend of mine, Russell Klika. You can find him on Instagram at: rklika

Trip Overview: We started our India trip out from the city of Kolkata and headed north into Arunachal Pradesh and visited the city of Tawang and Ziro. Next we went to Guwahati in Assam for transportation to Nagaland. Lastly we started to make our way home back to Kolkata but not before stopping at Majuli Island for some relaxation. Stay tuned for upcoming stories I worked on in these areas!

Kolkata: After a physically demanding trip in the remote regions of northeastern India we finally made it back to Kolkata where we had a few days to burn before our flight home. Jokingly, Russell said, “We should go out and photograph Kolkata for 24 hrs.” And “Kolkata 24” was born! I then laid down the rules. I said, “This is awesome, and you must produce an image every hour to share on a social media platform, so at the end you HAVE to show 24 images.” The game was born, but little did we know how demanding it would be. A local friend and photographer Raj Maeyukh Dam decided to join in with us and help us around the city. Our little adventure took us to such places as the Chicken Hotel Market, Old Kolkata, numerous Ghats, a railway colony, Chinatown, nightclubs, the train station, flower market and running the streets in the late hours with the dogs. (Next time you see me, ask me about the craziest thing I have ever seen with dogs, it blew my mind!) During our game, we had some great hours where we would stumble upon something cool and shooting would be great. But on the other hand you had the hours were we would be in transit from one part of the city to another or in a place where nothing was really going on and shooting was hard. It didn’t matter the situation, you have to have an image to represent that hour. Which now brings me to my next point. Editing of the final 24 images to produce a well-rounded representation of the city was another challenge. On the good hours you had to cut some of your best images of the day and on the not so good hours you might be posting a fish picture from dinner in Chinatown. “Kolkata 24” was a blast and a great way to test our skills! I hope you enjoy the way I saw this vibrant and energetic city in 24hrs. I would love to hear your comments!

“Kolkata 24” Timeline

5-6 am: Hogg Market: Chicken Hotel Market

6-7 am: Walking Central Kolkata

7-8 am: Walking Shakespeare Sarani (area)

8-9 am: Metro to Kalighat

9-10 am: Kalighat market & Viewed Mother Teresa hospital. (No photos allowed)

10-11 am: Coffee at Raj’s uncle & ride to our hotel to refresh cards and batteries

12-1 pm: Our hotel and the Taltala Market area

1-2 pm: Heading to Old Kolkata through traffic and Central Kolkata

2-3 pm: Old Kolkata Ghat and the railway colony

3-4 pm: Old Kolkata

4-5 pm: Old Kolkata Nimtala Park (affection)

5-6 pm: Bara Bazar

6-7 pm: Drive to Chinatown, Topsin and dinner at Lee Garden

7-8 pm: China Town, Topsin

8-9 pm: China Town Topsin and to a fair (stuck in traffic)

9-10 pm: Fair and walk to our hotel to refresh cards and batteries

10-11 pm: Our hotel then head to Sudder street by walking

11-12 am: Sudder street & Park street

12-1 am: Park street

1-2 am: Park street (Roxy Club) & Sudder street

2-3 am: Howrah Train station area

3-4 am: Howrah Train station & Malik Ghat Flower Market

4-5 am: Malik Ghat Flower Market

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