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Medal of Honor Recipients

This has been “THE” greatest honor after retiring (21 years) from the U.S. Air Force as a Combat Photographer! Photographing my heroes in an ongoing project that started back in 2016. Full gallery with names and citations here!

All my information below and the recipients’ citations in the gallery come from the wonderful Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Go check them out to learn so much more!

The Medal of Honor is the United States' highest award for military valor in action. And while over 150 years have passed since its inception, the meaning behind the Medal has never tarnished. Etched within are the very values that each Recipient displayed in the moments that mattered—bravery, courage, sacrifice, integrity. A deep love of country and a desire to always do what is right.

A distinguished award presented only to the deserving; the Medal tells a story of its own.

The living Recipients do not view the Medal of Honor as something that was won, like one might win a race. They view the Medal as something that was bestowed upon them to carry as a symbol of the sacrifices of all who have served. In the past, “Winner” might have been used, but out of respect for those who currently wear the Medal, please use the term “Recipient.”

Number of Medal of Honor awarded: 3535

Number of Medal of Honor recipients: 3516

Number of living Medal of Honor recipients: 65

Recipients according to their service:

Army: 2,452 Navy: 749 Marine Corps: 300 Air Force: 19 Coast Guard: 1

For the military service members for whom we have ranks, 77% of Medals of Honor have gone to enlisted personnel; 23% to officers.

Only one woman, Mary Edwards Walker has ever received the Medal of Honor for her service during the U.S. Civil War 1861-1864.

Thank you and God Bless America and those that have served, continue to serve and those that paid the ultimate price!


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