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Namibia Aerial Project: Old Scars & Shape Shifters

Wow, to say my wife D’Andra and I have been having a blast in Namibia would seriously be an understatement! Namibia is my portion (10 days) of our African trip that has also taken us to Zimbabwe and South Africa. In Namibia we have been traveling the back roads, exploring and camping with our amazing new friend and now family member Jaco van der Westhuizen. If you want a great Namibian experience, you need to see him!!! For my portion of our journey I wanted to really get off the grid and explore. I also wanted to rent a plane and get some aerial work done. I miss my aerial days of the military!!! I rented a plane from one of Jaco’s buddies (named Jaco as well) for three days of in air shooting, exploring the old scars and shape shifting land of Namibia. The plane was a Jabiru J430 and is a model of plane in a large family of two- and four-seat Australian light aircraft. The J430 is constructed from composite materials and has a wingspan of 31.3 feet. The engine is a 120 hp six-cylinder four-stroke aircraft engine. We flew in the four-seat. D’Andra was sitting shotgun with our pilot Jaco and I was sitting behind him in the back. Now the coolest thing Jaco did for me was take off the rear door so I could hang out the plane and work. The Namib Desert literally took my breath away as we first flew in. It was enormous and had this rough and raw beauty to it! The three days D’Andra and I spent flying around this country was magical and our highlight of our whole trip. I was super stoked to have shared it with her!!!! Thanks sweetie!

To see the keepers, please visit my aerial section on my website:


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