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Nascent, Chapter 1

I just finished installing my first art pieces for the 2014 Art vs. Architect exhibit and show. So many awesome artists!!! I was blessed to be paired with the amazing architect, Joshua Nimmo. It was fun working with him and getting to know his point of view! Also, I want to give a big thanks to my brother-in-law Jason Ohlson. He helped us put our thoughts into words!!!

This is a collaborative piece between photographer Jeremy Lock and architect Joshua Nimmo. It is intended to be the first part of a photographic series that tells the story of a perceived lost culture of young explorers. Was there a generation of youth allowed to explore and reimagine the world around them? Or, is this just a nostalgic perception of times past? Is there an innate human instinct being squelched by the realities of trending urbanism? Will there be a future consequence if the ability to explore at an early age is lost? In Chapter 1, Lock and Nimmo start examination of these questions with Nimmo’s son Gabriel playing the part of young adventurer. These photos intentionally contrast the beauty that lies in the experience of exploration with the reality that dangers may be hidden somewhere in the darkness. As part of a continuing story, our protagonist discovers an archaic toy, known as a View-Master, which is expected to be a key icon in future chapters of this story.


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